Rectangular bathtubs are produced of spirally wounded and extruded and pressed (flat) plates. Bathtubs can be of different dimensions according to customer desire.
Plastic DAl d.o.o. rectangular bathtubs have found use in chemical industry – bathtubs for chemical and different acids, as well as for galvanization and plasticization of metal (sheet metals, pipes, bars, profiles…). Adaptability of dimensions of bathtubs to specific dimensions of metal parts that are being drown in them guaranties maximal exploitation of space and minimal liquid spill. Plastic rectangular bathtubs can be made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). Plastic bathtubs made of polyethylene – polyethylene plastic bathtubs are used for normal temperatures, while plastic bathtubs made of polypropylene – polypropylene plastic bathtubs are used in case of high temperature of a medium.

Construction and statistical estimation (determination of needed wall thickness and strength and disposition of steel reinforcement) are according to European standards.

Plastic rectangular bathtub

Plastic bathtubs of large dimensions