Special products from DAL d.o.o. assortment are plastic shunts for sewage under pressure. This PEHD shunts are especially interested because one of the problems that appears, and unfortunately it is still not solved, is collection, draining and purification of waste water in smaller urban, suburban and rural settlements. Reasons for that are many, but one is always repeating, we don’t have developed rural settlements with arranged sewage networks and waste water cleaners because of finances. Arranging settlements with conventional (gravitational) method for waste water drainage is quite expensive for small settlements.

Taking into account all the facts, we come to conclusion that the best solution for rural and smaller urban settlements is setting up under pressure sewage. Under pressure sewage, except that satisfies financial aspect – many saving, it also satisfies other set criteria in regards to saving nature and mans health.

Use of under pressure sewage

  • Rural settlements
  • Smaller urban settlements (or suburbs)
  • Sand areas
  • Rocky areas
  • Places with high level of underground water
  • Flat terrains

Advantages in regards to conventional gravitational method

  • Smaller pipe diameters
  • Smaller dept of burring
  • Easier manipulation of pipes and their installation
  • No influence of underground water
  • Follows natural fall of terrain
  • Cheaper for 30-50% in regards to conventional